Skype is getting another redesign with new themes and features

Skype’s had more redesigns in the past five years than I’ve had hot dinners, but Microsoft is still ready to try and tweak things...

Facebook is spending $50 million to ‘responsibly’ build the metaverse

Facebook has announced a $50 million fund that it says will help it develop the metaverse more responsibly. It’s officially called the XR Programs and...

Maximized FIFA 22 Transfer Market Output |The Ultimate Team Market

EA Sports is upscaling the online gaming world quite fast with tremendous games. The most recent one is FIFA's 22nd version, an upgrade in...

Emerging Trends in Digital Education & Communication Tools

The onset of Covid-19 has without a doubt brought drastic changes that have been embraced and shaped education, the way we teach and learn...

How to Compare a Computer Monitor to a TV

If you're looking to buy a computer monitor, there are a few factors that you should consider. The color depth and color gamut are...
huawei p40 lite cena

The Best Equipped Phones for the Price

For the first time in Huawei's history, the P40 Lite does not come preloaded with Google Mobile Services. Carrying the worldwide aspirations of one of...