Emerging Trends in Digital Education & Communication Tools


The onset of Covid-19 has without a doubt brought drastic changes that have been embraced and shaped education, the way we teach and learn everywhere in the world. Not so long ago, trends like Google search engine, Facebook, zoom, Microsoft teams, and so on were not as popular. The world is going through a whole transformation from traditional book learning to digital education.

Heard about EdTech? EdTech is sort for Educational Technology, a trend in digital education that includes machine learning, big data, gamification, etc. It is defined as improving performance and facilitating learning by creating, managing, and using technological resources and processes. Digital education has created an improved and collaborative way of teaching and learning that has made everyone stay connected even in a whole global pandemic.

Technology has transformed the classroom learning experience, with access to laptops, iPads, and other technological learning aids that have opened up a new world and space for students. I’m sure you would be delighted to experience and be part of these significant innovations that are taking place. Go now and enroll in an online course; typically, some are available free of charge! So what are some of these emerging trends? Read this article to get deeper insights.

Top 5 Current Trends in Digital Learning

Distance /eLearning

School closures were one of the stringent measures that most governments had to take to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus; this was a call to action to the stakeholders in the education space to come up with ways in which students would continue studying. Although the trend was there before, it became more rampant, leading to the rise in demand for online platforms for education.

Learning is delivered from lecturers or teachers to students through smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets. The trend has made it possible for students to learn from their homes, and even if you wish to take up an online course in a university that is not in your country, distance learning has made it possible.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

AI is predicted that through 2021, it is set to grow by more than 45% and could quickly become the primary trend. AI has made it possible to automate a number of activities in education, making it easier than the manual way of doing things. Everyone loves the easy way out, and for this reason, the trend will continue to rise in popularity.


Gamification involves turning learning into game-like activities. This trend has made learning more accessible, fun, and collaborative for both the students and the teachers. It creates a positive and friendly environment for the students to understand better the concepts taught in class.

The adoption of this learning trend is more dominant in the K-12 education sector since the kids are engaged in gaming videos.

Social Media in Learning

Social media has also not been left behind on this trend. It has made it possible for students to interact and share study materials worldwide. People can now find lectures on YouTube or even Facebook and learn a number of educational things available on these platforms.

Many educational institutions have also embraced social media as a communication tool where both students and teachers can interact easily.

Flipped learning

The whole concept of flipped learning is to change from the usual learning model where students are required to use skills such as research and critical thinking to find out more rather than the teacher feeding in the learner with all the knowledge.

The following four pillars are required; a flexible environment, switch of the learning culture, intentional content, and a professional educator.

There you have it, and it is evident that the trends above and many others have completely transformed the educational experience. Going forward, it is evident that the future of digital learning is bright. Do not be left out! Join in and be a part of this remarkable evolution. Joy Using Technology provides you with the right tools to enjoy digital learning. Contact them today to get geared up.

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