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huawei p40 lite cena

For the first time in Huawei’s history, the P40 Lite does not come preloaded with Google Mobile Services. Carrying the worldwide aspirations of one of the largest phone companies in the world is no small task.

However, if you are familiar with Huawei Mobile Services or at the very least, have some hacking skills, the processing power and build quality make it a viable middle-class contender.

As a result of its great affordable phones, Huawei has a solid foothold in developing nations. Nothing negative can be said about the huawei p40 lite cena. From the great display to the top-notch camera array and the sheer strength of the new Kirin 810 CPU paired with 6GB of RAM, it is instantly clear that it checks all the boxes. For the price, it is one of the most well-equipped phones on the market.

Review of The Huawei P40 Lite Cena:

Specifications and Performance:

The P40 Lite definitely excels when it comes to processing power. HiSilicon Kirin 810, which Huawei developed in-house and installed here, turns out to be nothing light.

An important step forward from the Kirin 710 from last year is its 7nm SoC, which has eight cores and the ubiquitous Mali G52 GPU. With its octa-core processor and GPU, the Kirin 810 outperforms all other octa-core phones in its class. A substantial 6GB of RAM completes the package for smooth operation.


When it comes to the design, the P40 Light is a radical departure from prior “lite” models. Rather than the Pro’s aggressive square-cut corners, the P40 Lite’s corners are significantly more softened.

When placed on our ear cartilage, it is much more user-friendly and comfy to handle this way. Despite the fact that it is not the lightest, it exudes a sense of solidity, compactness, and quality. Because of the little ridges that form when glass touches aluminum, your fingertips have a surface on which to rest.

User-Friendly Software:

It still seems like a true Android device, despite the absence of Google services. When it comes to Huawei’s EMUI skin, the company has done a good job of keeping everything in its proper place. One difference is that Huawei Today, a Google clone, now occupies the far-left screen.


P40 Lite is in the most competitive pricing range for smartphones in the R6,000 (£280) range. Our expectations were met in all three areas. This phone seems to be an excellent value for the price.

Customers may be persuaded to switch from Google to Huawei Mobile Services if they see this fully equipped device as an incentive.

The Bottom Line!

You are all set to try something new. After Apple and Google, Huawei is developing what amounts to a third giant phone platform. There is a lot of novelty in being one of the first to use it, but you will have to make some sacrifices in order to close the gap.

Despite the P40 Lite’s modest price tag, the camera on the device performed well, capturing stunning images even with the default settings.

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