How GPS Tracker Technology Evolved in the Last Decade


GPS trackers have evolved from simple devices used for navigation to a device that can be used as health and fitness trackers and activity tracker. These devices use satellite signals to locate the user on Earth’s surface with an accuracy of up to a few meters.

The tracking devices use GPS signals to locate their position on Earth and transmit this information wirelessly to a central computer or server. So the trackers are able to provide accurate location data in real-time without requiring any manual input from personnel at all times. This makes it easy for managers or supervisors to view employees’ current locations without having to manually check each device individually.

However, in assets prone to criminal cases such as car theft, you may need the best hidden gps tracker for car. Because of today’s technology, some computer wizards could almost sniff the trackers from miles away and locate them with ease.

The major aim of this technology is to track assets such as vehicles, machinery, or even people. It can be used for monitoring purposes like theft prevention, employee monitoring and more. The best part about GPS trackers is that they come in all shapes and sizes – from tiny keychain-sized units to larger ones that fit into your pocket. The only setback is that they don’t work indoors or underground, so make sure you’re not going on a trip without them!

2022 Technologies that will Change GPS Tracking Forever

The world today is filled with new technologies that change the way you can monito transportation. Part of the most significant changes in 2022 is GPS tracking devices. These devices are expected to become smaller and more affordable. It is even going to be easier for them to communicate with other devices and even people around them.

Another technology that is expected to change the way you track your asset is monitoring devices. These devices are expected to go beyond just detecting motion and instead provide information about the surrounding environment, such as air quality or noise levels.

This is why today, these trackers are also useful for monitoring health by a specialist, miles away from your office. This uses wearable GPS monitors and devices that can monitor your body’s vital signs, including heart rate and blood pressure.

Transportation devices are also on the brim of booming into self-drive smart cars without any input from humans. So the introduction of these new technologies is expected to improve lives significantly.

Why You Should Start Global Asset Tracking Today?

The world’s economy has expanded to a point where it is now necessary to track assets in more than one country. The most common use cases of asset tracking are inventory management, shipping, and procurement.

However, keeping track of assets can be complicated and expensive. You might experience slight challenges keeping track of all the equipment and inventory that your company owns when it is dispersed across multiple locations or countries. But, despite the cost, you can be sure of the following benefits:

  • Your mind will be at peace knowing that your belongings are always with you.
  • You will be able to keep track of the location of your assets and what they’re worth in case of theft or damage.
  • You can easily find out where your property is at any time.
  • The GPS tracker can help you avoid costly shipping fees or storage costs by keeping an eye on your items’ locations every day.
  • The GPS tracking device can help if there are any emergencies.

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