Amazon’s fall hardware event 2021: rumors, news, and announcements


When Amazon announces new products in the fall, it often does it in bulk — fitting for a retailer, maybe, but harder to discern what’s what and which new products are most worthy of your attention. The Verge will try and help with that. We anticipate Amazon announcing a variety of new products coming to its Echo, Fire, and Ring lineups on September 28th.

Amazon has already been making some waves with recent announcements of its own line of TVs, a new Kindle Paperwhite, and a new flagship Fire TV Stick. Yet we’re sure to see plenty more.

But even if Amazon has already made some notable announcements prior to this event, don’t forget how expansive its products are, from Ring to August smart locks to game streaming and actual video game development. The most recent rumors encompass a wall-mounted Echo, Alexa-powered soundbars, a second-generation Echo Auto, and more

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