Video Interview Basics

By Francesca Campos on Tuesday, June 09, 2015

In this day and age, video interviews are becoming more common in the workplace. Many employers conduct video interviews as first round interviews because they are quick and save on transportation costs. As a prospective job candidate, it is important for you to feel prepared and confident if asked to do a video interview.

To make sure you are confident and ready for your video interview, I will offer you tips for helping you prepare for the interview and how to succeed during the interview.

Setting the Stage

Create a professional user name

First off, think about the user name you will create on the video messaging application you will be asked to use. You want to come across as professional. Using your first and last name as a username is always a safe choice.

Get acquainted with software

Once you have created your user name it is time to play around with the video-messaging app. It is important that you know how the application works. Learn how to video message by video chatting with a friend.  While video chatting with a friend, test the lighting, the sound, and make sure you understand how all of it works.

Do your interview preparatation

Just like any interview it is important that you prepare for a video interview. Do your research on the employer and prepare responses for expected interview questions. Call up a friend or family member and ask them if they would be willing to conduct a mock interview with you. Make sure to practice both your interviewing skills and technology.


Interview Day

Make sure technology is working

Test all technology an hour before your scheduled interview. Make sure everything is working properly.

Dress Professionally

Remember to dress professionally. Even though this is a video interview, employers still expect you to dress professionally, nothing too flashy.

Gather your notes

Have a few notes laid out in front of you (off camera) that you can refer to through out the interview. Make sure to only briefly glance at them during the interview.

Be personable

Just like in a normal interview eye contact and a smile are critical at the appropriate times. Having good posture and using hand gestures to make your point are also important during your interview.

Have a conversation

During the interview, relax and have a conversation like in a regular interview. Take a second before responding to a question so that you do not end up talking over the employer, just incase there is a slow internet connection that causes lag time.

Make a better first impression

Create a personal homepage that will impress employers

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