How To Write A Resume

By Garman Ho on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A resume should summarize one’s education, employment history, experiences and other relevant qualifications. The goal of a resume is to provide succinct information to help land an interview. Therefore, a resume should be direct and persuasive.

This article will go over the basic form to write a resume. Thus each resume should contain a section specifically for contact, education, experiences and also an awards/activity section if relevant.


The contact section should be the first section of every resume. It should consist of the following information.

  • Full name
  • Professional email address
  • City or Region
  • Phone number

This information should be in the top header section of every resume and should be easy to identify. Stylistically many choose to center this information making font for the name slightly bigger than the rest.


This section should also be straightforward and lay out key educational experiences. All resumes should list the name of school attended, date of graduation, and degree earned. This section can be easily overlooked, but serves to show qualification and background. If you graduated with any academic honors make sure you list them as well.

Work Experience

This section will be the most difficult and time consuming. It is often tiled under different names such as work history, volunteer work, relevant experience and professional experience. Choose the title that most represents your portfolio of work.

All entered work experiences should follow a consistent format throughout the section; company name, position, dates of employment, followed by brief description of responsibilities and duties. This section is critical as it provide your qualifications and will serve to persuade your employer. It is common for students to lack technical work experience and therefore should seek to list key club involvement or volunteer work.

The purpose of every entry is to convey a skill, quality, or experience. Every bullet point should utilize key action verbs to show the employer that you are a hard worker. You must make your experiences and make them relatable to the position at hand.

To orient your writing it is helpful to think of the following questions; What skills do you have are desirable? What was the original intent and purpose of your work experience? Cite specific accomplishments or goals reached. Make sure you include specific key achievements for each of your different experiences.


Generally you want your information to read smoothly. When writing your resume you will want to minimize the amount of white space. Utilize columns and the four quadrant method. Visualize your resume in quarters and orient your information to fill the negative space. This can be achieved by placing info along the same lines or utilizing columns.

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