How to get Homepage Free for a Year

By Chris Travis

I want to let you in on a little secret that is not so much a secret. We have a great rewards system that we want you to take advantage of. Everything from building your Homepage to referring your friends will earn you points that can be redeemed for a bunch of cool stuff.

Here’s all the stuff you can get for free:

  • Custom Domain
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Items from the Market

Step #1 Invite all your friends

You get an unlimited number of invites. So the more people you invite will increase your chances for more of your invites will register which increases your chances that more of those registrations will publish. People who invite the most will get the most points.

Step #2 Makes sure your friends register and publish

Don’t just increase your chances make sure all the people you invite register and publish. If you can get 4 people to register then you’ll get enough points to pay for a domain. And if you can get 2 people to publish then you’ll get enough points to pay for your Homepage for the year. Also if you get even more people to register and publish than you can get even more points to buy anything you want from the market.

Step #3 Complete all the challenges

There’s a bunch of different challenges that you can complete to earn points. You’ll earn points for building your Homepage. So make sure you’ve completed everything to ensure that you’ll get the maximum amount of points possible.

Make a better first impression

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