How To Get An Internship

By Garman Ho on Friday, May 08, 2015

Internships serve as valuable stepping-stones into the work world. Helping to teach students key technical skills, inspire career choice, and establish networks. Demonstrating a strong work ethic through internship experience can help to differentiate a resume from the hundred others a hiring manager may receive. Here's how to get started on landing the internship you've always wanted.


1. Concise Resume & Dazzling Homepage

A strong and concise resume is the minimum for entering the work arena. Thus, before searching for an internship your number one priority ought to be the construction of a resume that reflects your unique skills and talents. It is helpful to tailor your resume to reflect specific career interest by highlighting work experience, club involvement, or key character traits.

A great way to set yourself apart and to supplement your resume is by creating a personal homepage. A personal website is a tool that allows employers to learn information about you that won't fit in a cover letter or resume. Giving an employer as much positive information as you can about yourself can sway a hiring managers decision in your favor. You can add the URL for your personal website directly to your resume making it easier for the hiring managers to see it. 

2. Accurate Information

Furthermore, it should go without saying that all information listed on your resume should be accurate. The key work experience you listed to set yourself apart from other applicants can literally break your chances of landing an internship. HR managers see thousands of resumes and they know when a client is lying.

3. Error-free

Lastly, resumes should be thoroughly double and triple checked for errors. It is said, “Recruiters will generally only spend up to six seconds reviewing your resume.” This means that every error is magnified and most likely will be thrown out. Employers are looking for detail oriented and diligent workers. Simple errors will not be tolerated. Thus, don’t hurt your chances with simple mistakes and get them proof read.


There are endless avenues that students can utilize to find the right internship for themselves. A great starting place would be either your university's online job board or an internship website (i.e. Campus Job, Internmatch, Idealist). You can search through thousands of internship listings based on your interests and location -- make sure you find the right ones. These websites make the application process easy. All you have to do is, upload your cover letter and resume along with adding the URL for your personal homepage.

Another great place to check out are company's career page. Also check the career page of companies you would want to work for upon graduation. They will any internships they have there and this can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a particular place you would eventually want to work at.

Knowing the application due date is critical. Some positions have lengthy application processes or require a cover letter. A general rule of thumb is to apply sooner rather then later. Positions fill up quick so there is no point in waiting.


Just because you have received an interview does not mean the position is yours. Arrive to an interview at least 5 minutes in advance, dress professionally, do research prior, and practice interview questions prior. During the interview small mannerisms are magnified such as lack of eye contact or constant fidgeting can negatively affect recruiters as they try to get a feel of the potential employee. Make sure to express why you are fit for the job and demonstrate a willingness to learn new things.

Bottom Line

Finding an internship is the easy part. Making sure that you are adequately prepared prior is the harder part. Be sure to utilize all your resources to give yourself the best chances of succeeding. 

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