Search Engine Optimize Your Homepage

By Chris Travis

Here's 5 simple ways to search engine optimize your Homepage:

1. Connect a personalized domain to your Homepage

Google tends to rank URLs that specifically match a search phrase higher than ones that don't. So if people are typing "your name" into Google then having "" connected to your Homepage will increase the likelihood of Google preferring that over other things. If you don't own then you should buy it. And if it's already taken then there are plenty of other options for you to get.

Here's a few you should consider:

  • .co
  • .net
  • .me
  • .info
  • .about

2. Add your name to the Page Title fields

Making sure your URL, page title, and header all match really helps Put your full name into the Prefix Page Title field in the Site Settings.

3.  Connect Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools

This is the best way to let Google know your page exists and it is a legitimate site. They will send their bots to crawl your Homepage and catalog your URL, page title, and copy.

4. Link to your Homepage from all your social media profiles

Make sure you have a link to Homepage from all your different social media profiles. This will create what is called a "backlink", which helps enforce the legitimacy for your Homepage to search engines. They use the combination of your URL, page title, header, backlinks and connecting Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools when determining who shows up in what order for a specific search.

5. Promote your Homepage on all your social media networks

Driving traffic to your Homepage will continue to tell Google that your Homepage is worth ranking higher for the keyword phrase that is your name.


Completing these 5 things will give yourself a very good chance of taking control of what people will see when they Google search your name. Getting your Homepage to be one of the first links that shows up when a potential employer or client Goolges your name will ensure you make a great first impression.

Make a better first impression

Create a personal homepage that will impress employers

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