5 Steps to Improving Your Online Presence

By Heather Graybill on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It’s time to start applying for jobs and you may find yourself wishing you listened to your high school teacher who always said, “Be careful what you post on the internet, it never goes away and anyone can see it!” So how do you actually improve your online presence? By following these 5 steps you should be a pro online in no time.

1. Don’t be a Ghost

Often times when improving your online presence the first thing people try do is make all of their social media as private as possible. You change your name and take other ridiculous measures in an effort to make yourself virtually invisible, but here’s the thing… nobody likes a ghost. Most times employers search for you on social media to get a sense of who you are and what you look like. If all their searches come back with no results it tends to raise more red flags than not.

2. Be Aware

Think about what you post on social media before you post it. While everyone is allowed to have a little fun, that doesn’t mean it should be plastered all over your accounts. Change your settings on social media so that you have to pre-approve tagged photos, and monitor what other people post with your name attached to it. Several social media platforms have a “View as…” option where you can see what people who are not your friends can see. Use this to your advantage to make sure you’re presenting yourself the way you want to be presented.

3. Post Often

Just because your accounts should be censored does not mean you shouldn’t post often. By keeping an active feed you can show employers that you know how to display yourself professionally and still have a personality. Tweet about current events, or interesting articles you just read to show that you are well informed. Social media is also one of the greatest ways to show your passions. You should post regularly enough that someone can pick up on your personality just from reading through your feed.

4. Expand Your Social Media Platforms

Why limit yourself to one platform of social media when there are so many? Even though you may excel at Twitter maybe it’s time you branch out to Instagram. If you’re in the market for a job make sure to use a platform specifically for professionals such as Linkedin. The more social media platforms attached to your name, the easier it is for people to reach out to you.

5. Have a Hub

Once you have all these great accounts, it’s important they’re displayed correctly so that they don’t get lost. The best way to do this is to have a main hub where each account is displayed. Creating a personal homepage will allow you to do this. With a personal homepage you can summarize the important things about yourself that you would like employers to know, and then provide them with the direct links to your social media accounts to invite them to learn more about you. There’s no more searching for employers, instead you are giving them a direct invitation to view the social media accounts that you are proud of making.

Make a better first impression

Create a personal homepage that will impress employers

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