31 Inspiring Personal Website Examples

By James Knutila on Monday, May 04, 2015

Creating a personal website takes some thought. Where should you start? What should it look like? What should you include? For a little inspiration, we collected the 31 absolute best personal website examples out there. 

Not surprisingly, many are web designers who’ve used their skills to create awesome sites for themselves. But there are examples from all walks of life here, from NBA players to job seekers and marketers. Have more personal site examples? Great! Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to the list. 

1. Andrew McCarthy

Keep scrolling on Andrew's site to get the full effect. 

2. Sam Mearns

Sam showcases his portfolio with clean, simple design. 

3. Robby Leonardi

Not everyone has the time or expertise to create a video game website, but Robby does, and his site is extremely cool. 

4. Nina Mufleh

Nina wanted a job at Airbnb so badly, she created a personal site dedicated to it. It paid off -- she got an interview. 

5. Pascal van Gemert

Pascal has himself an effective portfolio and resume site. 

6. Will Stanley 

Will's site is subtle and effective. 

7. Matteo Belfiore 

Matteo's site is simple and cool. He has, in fact, made some magic.

8. Ananth Pai

Ananth's got some goofy illustrations happening here, and it's working. 

9. Alexander Kohlhofer

Alexander’s site is a good example of an online resume website. 

10. Camelia Negoita

A solid example of a marketer's personal site. 

11. Leila Ling

Leila's site is a cheerful design and developer's portfolio. 

12. Ashley Ha

Ashley's site is built with Homepage. C'mon now, we had to include at least one Homepage site! 

13. Mig Reyes

Mig's site is a simple and to-the-point resume site. 

14. Anais Zamboni

Anais' is a beautifully-designed photographer's site.

15. Justin Mezzel

Old Justin's site is a clean and straightforward illustrator's portfolio. 

16. Ellen Skye Riley

Ellen's got a simple and effective portfolio site. 

17. Darrin Higgins

A classic designer portfolio. 

18. Andrew Lucas-Walsh

Andrew's site hits us with a short bio, and serenades us with some photos. 

19. Melanie Daveid 

This site combines cool design with some nice animation touches. 

20. Hayden Bleasel

As you scroll down, Hayden's personal site comes into focus, and it's awesome. 

21. Matt Barnes

NBA player Matt Barnes' personal site is the website equivalent of a last second, game-winning shot. 

22. Omar Folgheraiter

Omar has built himself a very effective online resume site. 

23. Mikkel Bang

Pro snowboarder Mikkel Bang's site gets his story across with some very cool animation. Check it out. 

24. Otis Redding

Redding's website is designed with a retro feel -- the king would approve. 

25. John Ball 

John's site combines great photography and solid design.

26. Ty Lawson

Lawson might have the best NBA player website. Don't tell Matt Barnes. 

27. Kei Yasui

Yasui's site makes great use of an NYC time-lapse. 

28. Pierre Nel

Pierre sets his resume apart with distinctive animation.

29. Shawn Grant

Grant's site is a classic, bold-looking portfolio. 

30. Gary Le Masson

Gary's site was designed for search engines. 

31. Stephanie Pal

Stephanie's online resume site tells her story very well. 

Help us grow this list! Send your examples in the comments and we'll add it to the list. 

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